Why Hydrojetting Is The Best Option To Fix Slow Drains In Your Home

Slow drains are a major nuisance in the home. Water in the sink and bathtub will stand for quite a while before it finally makes its way down the drain, and slow drains can even cause standing showers to overflow. Slow drains are often harder to deal with than drains that are fully clogged since there's commonly no obstruction to remove. Instead, the pipes drain slowly because there's a lot of limescale and grease buildup on the inside of the pipe.

3 Easy Ways To Maintain The Health Of Your Septic System

A septic tank is the only way to dispose of waste when you don't have access to a municipal sewer system. Septic systems can be valuable assets, or they can become a homeowner's worst nightmare. The key to keeping your septic system working is to keep the system healthy. Here are three simple things that you can do to help preserve the health of your septic system in the future.

5 Benefits Of Low Flow Plumbing

Low flow showerheads, faucets, toilets, and other fixtures use less water than traditional standard flow fixtures. Modern versions work just as well, if not better, than old standard options, too. There are many benefits to making the switch to low flow. 1. Lower Water Bills One of the main reasons many people make the switch to low flow is to save money on water usage. In many areas, municipal water costs are climbing ever upwards as drought and emptying aquifers result in a higher demand than supply.

Know Why Your Hot Water Heater Can Stop Working

Are you no longer getting hot water from your hot water heaters? If so, it helps to know some common reasons why it is not working. Bad Thermostat An electric water heater will have upper and lower heating elements that are connected to their own thermostat that helps control their temperature. It's possible that a thermostat will go bad over time and no longer tell the heating elements what temperature to go to.

What You Should Be Doing To Maintain Your Home's Air Conditioner

Have you not paid much attention to your air conditioner since it has been installed? If so, you are likely long overdue for performing some maintenance on it. Here are some things that you should be doing to maintain your air conditioner.  Check The Blower Wheel Your air conditioner has an air handler on the inside of your home with a blower wheel. The entire blower motor housing should be something that you can reach with your hands to see how dirty is it.