Insight To Help Maintain And Protect Your Home Sewer Lines

A problem with your home's plumbing lines or system means that you will not have use of your home's sewer system for a while but can also mean you may experience home damage and flooding with sewage waste. It is essential to keep up your home's sewer system and the lines that continually drain waste from your home. Here are some recommendations to help you keep your home sewer lines protected and maintained for years of easy use and avoid problems.

Perform Regular Cleaning

As a homeowner, there are many tasks you can complete regularly to make sure your sewer lines are working as they need to. Because they drain sewer waste from your home that can include a lot of various materials, it is common for the interior of the lines to become clogged with build-up. Your sewer drains and lines can also get blocked from regular use and when the wrong contents get flushed down the toilet or into the drains. This will require a professional line clear-out with a line cleaning auger or hydro-jet service. 

Keep them cleaned out by following recommended protocol for their use, which means that you don't flush or rinse anything into your drains that is not approved for your sewer system. Follow the rule of only using toilet tissue and no other debris or trash, and you can keep your lines flowing well. Don't flush down paper towels, cotton swabs, wet wipes, or other personal hygiene items and your system will work well for many years. And use an enzyme-based drain cleaner periodically to clear out build-up and residues inside the lines. 

If your kitchen has a disposal, don't use it to dispose of excess food waste. Scrape your dishes into the trash, then rinse them clean with water flowing down the drain. Avoid placing any fats and greases into your drain because this is a quick way to cause line build-up. 

Arrange Professional Repairs

Although you can follow regular protocol for your sewer lines, there will come a time when regular waste will cause build-up. And if you have trees growing in your yard, their roots can damage your sewer line, requiring replacement. But you can arrange for professional sewer services to remove the damaged line and replace it with a new one.

Most professional plumbers can install a new line through the existing damage to restore your plumbing drainage. This professional repair will also restore your line's plumbing with a new and long-lasting pipe that will not break down over time.

For more information, contact a sewer repair service in your area.