Why Hire a Plumber To Install a Cold Water Storage Tank?

Although householders will often routinely turn to a plumbing contractor if they need a hot water storage tank to be fitted, they are sometimes tempted to opt for a self-installation in the case of cold water tanks. This can be a mistake despite the fact that you won't be dealing with electrics or any gas-fired components, as is the case with many domestic hot water installations in the US. If you need a new cold water storage tank to replace your old one or to upgrade the storage capacity you currently enjoy, why should you book a plumber to do the work for you? Discover why this is a job best left to professionals.

Plumbing Expertise

To begin with, professional plumbers who have trained for years before qualifying should have the knowledge and skills required to undertake a proper installation of both cold and hot water systems. This goes beyond plumbing experience, as it should also include a sound understanding of building codes and regulations. If you go ahead yourself, then your tank installation may not be compliant, something that could lead to potential legal issues or fines down the line. Plumbers can also be relied upon to offer up guidance on choosing the correct size and type of cold water tank, not to mention the most suitable location to fit it such that it provides adequate pressure when you draw from it.

Safe Installation

When installing a cold water storage tank, your personal safety should be the number one priority. This sort of job involves handling heavy equipment while working with water and plumbing systems, all of which carry potential risks. Since water tanks tend to be installed at the top of a building, fitting them can involve working at height, as well. A fully qualified plumber will have undergone the necessary safety training to manage these risks effectively. What's more, they should have personal protective equipment to ensure they remain safe while working. In addition, they likely possess insurance that will cover any unforeseen incidents, something that, as a homeowner, your household insurance isn't likely to provide.

Plumbing Guarantees

Finally, hiring a professional plumber should guarantee a high quality of work without the need for further work or a plumbing repair in the future. After all, tradespeople of all types have a reputation to maintain in their locality. Expect them to honor the warranties that the tank they've supplied comes with plus guarantees of their workmanship. If you do the work yourself, then you will likely invalidate any such warranties unless you have the requisite plumbing qualifications.