The Ways Plumbers Deal With Roots In Major Drain Lines

Trees are beautiful, and they are essential for the planet's health. Most people even enjoy having trees in their yard. However, there is one big problem that trees sometimes cause: clogged sewer lines. Tree roots can grow into drain lines or sewer lines, proliferate in the moisture, and then clog the lines. Thankfully, this is an issue that a plumber can address. Here are two different methods plumbers often use to get rid of these root blockages. 

Auger Grinding Plus Herbicides

Plumbers often use this method if the roots are still on the smaller side and are localized to one or two spots. It is also a preferred method when your sewer pipe is still in decent shape other than the root protrusions. Your plumber will send a grinding device called an auger down your sewer access pipe. When the grinder reaches the roots, it will grind them into small pieces. The plumber will then turn the water on in a tub or sink in order to rinse those root pieces down the line and into the public sewer.

The grinding is usually followed by a big dose of herbicides. This typically comes in the form of a foaming mixture that you flush down the toilet. The herbicides essentially kill the little root ends that remain in the pipes—which helps keep the roots from growing back.

Hydro Jetting and Sleeving the Pipe

If your plumber thinks that your sewer line is not in good shape, maybe because it has some larger cracks, then they may not want to use an auger to clear it out. They may instead clear the roots away with a hydrojet, which blasts the roots with water and causes them to crumble apart.

Once the hydrojet has cleared the roots, the plumber will send a "sleeve" down the pipe. Once it is in the right location, this sleeve can be expanded. It will cling to the inside walls of the pipe, essentially forming a barrier between the old pipe and any water that flows down that pipe. This sleeve will help support the pipe and will also help prevent the roots from growing back in.

If your drains are slow, your toilets are barely flushing, or you have odors coming from your drains, then you may have roots growing into your sewer line. 

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