Does Your Blocked Sink Drain Need Professional Attention?

The drains in your plumbing fixtures play a critical role in helping to move waste out of your home and into a sewer system.

Drain issues are among the most common plumbing problems modern homeowners face. Minor clogs can sometimes be eliminated with specialized plungers, but many drain issues require professional attention before they can be resolved.

Here are three signs that you should be looking for when trying to determine if your blocked sink drain needs to be repaired by a plumber.

1. A Plunger Won't Work

Blocked sink drains can sometimes be cleared with plungers designed specifically for these drains. The sink plunger is designed to force air into the drain pipe. The air should be able to push through any debris that has become stuck within the drain pipe.

If you aren't able to repair your clogged sink with a plunger, you need to call a plumber.

Some of the blockages that prevent sink drains from working properly are too large or located too deep within the drain pipe to be affected by a sink plunger. Your plumber will be able to use specialized tools to remove these types of blockages.

2. The Drain Smells

If your blocked drain is releasing some foul odors, it's time to contact a plumber for help.

Foul odors emanating from a clogged drain can be indicative of lots of organic materials caught in the drain.  Fats, oils, and food particles can stick to the interior walls of your drain pipe. As these substances begin to accumulate, they start to decay.

A blocked drain can detract from the comfort of your home. Your plumber will be able to eliminate the blockage and clear any remaining debris from your drain pipe walls to eliminate any foul odors in the future.

3. Multiple Drains are Affected

A tell-tale sign that you need professional plumbing attention for a blocked drain is having multiple drains that are affected.

When a sink, toilet, shower, or tub drain starts to back up once you notice the initial blockage, this is a good sign that the problem lies deep within your main drain pipe.

Only an experienced plumber with the right equipment can clear these deep clogs. Your plumber will use a fiber optic camera and pressurized water to remove deep blockages and restore the proper function of your home's drains.

Don't leave your drain repair in the hands of an amateur. Contact a plumber for drain repair services.