A PEX Repiping Project

PEX (cross-linked polyethylene) pipes are flexible. This cost-efficient material is suited for residential and commercial repiping projects.

Basic Properties

PEX piping comes in coils and individual segments. A PEX piping supplier may feature products that have been precut when they were first manufactured. Piping pieces contain threading. The threading is a standard design that is similar to the threading found on metal pipes.

PEX piping does not corrode. It is adequate for use when plumbing a bathroom or kitchen. It can also be designed to construct the main plumbing lines that are installed outdoors. Outdoor plumbing is typically buried. Due to the non-corrosive nature of PEX piping, this type of product is well-suited for being installed in regions that experience a lot of rainfall.

Product Selection

One thing to be wary of when purchasing PEX products is the springback property of this type of plumbing. PEX piping coils may contain a long length of piping. They can, however, be difficult to handle.

If your plumber is going to be using a coil for the plumbing upgrades that they will be performing on your property, they may have a plumber's assistant who will aid them with laying the pipe. Two people will be able to maneuver a coil of PEX piping much more easily than one person.

If your plumber will be working independently to install the PEX plumbing, they may advise that smaller pipe sections be purchased. The dimensions and lengths of the PEX products that are needed for the plumbing upgrades can be furnished when you place your material order. The plumbing pieces will each be uniform in size.

PEX Fittings

PEX fittings work exactly as metal fittings do. If you would like the new plumbing system to have a uniform design, prepare to purchase some PEX-fitting materials. Your plumber will guide you in ordering PEX fittings that are compatible with the pipe materials that are going to be installed.

Plumbing Tools

Before the repiping project commences, your plumber will turn off the main water valve. They will disconnect all of the plumbing materials that are being replaced. This will require the use of standard hand tools.

Then, the plumber will determine the configuration that is needed for the new PEX pieces. They will align the pieces. They will install them. Crimpers or another hand tool will be needed to secure the PEX fitting materials that you have purchased.

For more information on PEX repiping, contact a local plumber.