Top Tips For Installing Open Kitchen Shelves And Saving Money On The Remodel

For your kitchen remodeling, you may want to consider open shelving over cabinetry with doors for the various benefits that come with the decision. Open shelves make your kitchen look more open and brighter. They are also easier to organize and allow you to show off your dishware. 

If you get it right with the open shelves, you can look forward to all these advantages after your kitchen remodeling. Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind for your project that will help you get things right and even save you some money.

Make Symmetry a Priority

Balance the placement of your open shelves to create a more cohesive look. Without symmetry, your design will look cluttered, taking away from the aesthetics. In addition to establishing symmetry with the placement during kitchen remodeling, you also want to ensure you balance what goes on the shelves once you start using them.

Stick to a Simple Color Palette and Styling

Styling your open shelves can be easy. You can never go wrong with neutral colors. These create a streamlined look and won't make your space look too busy. If you are going for a more modern look, consider adding brass and gold finishes. Glass open shelves also have a more contemporary look than traditional wooden shelves.

Throw in Stand-Alone Shelves

To mix things up, consider adding a stand-alone shelf or two during kitchen remodeling. A multi-tier stand-alone shelf can give your kitchen a unique and stylish look while providing extra storage space options. Such shelves easily become a focal point and are great for decorative items.

Keep Some of the Closed Cabinetry

Going with open shelving for your kitchen remodeling doesn't have to be an all-or-nothing affair. You can balance your kitchen space by keeping some of the closed cabinets instead of replacing all of them with open shelves. 

For this mixed-up arrangement, have the items you use daily, such as bowls and plates, on the open shelves. You can use the closed-door cabinets for the items you use less frequently.

Save Money by Repurposing Existing Cabinets

Remove the doors from your kitchen cabinets, and you will have stylish open shelves. This will save you both time and money on your kitchen remodeling project. The results are just as impressive as if you tore everything down and installed new open shelves.

Open shelves are just as great for smaller kitchens as they are for spacious kitchens. With these great tips, update your space with these shelves during your kitchen remodeling for more storage opportunities.

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