3 Signs That You Should Schedule An Emergency HVAC Assessment

If you're a homeowner that relies on an HVAC system to enjoy relief from the outdoor discomforts of heat and cold, you always want to keep an eye and ear out for problems to ensure that those problems can be addressed before an expensive breakdown takes place. If you notice something is wrong, you can call for emergency services and hopefully avoid a breakdown altogether.

Here are a few signs that an emergency HVAC consultation might be in order.

You're Hearing Strange Noises

Your HVAC system may make some noise as it works to keep your home warm or cool throughout the year. However, it could start making some weird noises when something is not functioning properly within the system somewhere. Just because your system still seems to be working while making weird noises does not mean that everything is okay.

In fact, the noises are a sign that your system might break down soon and you'll be left without any relief from the heat or cold. If you're hearing noises like clicks, clanks, pops, grinding, or shrieking, it's a good idea to call your HVAC technician for an emergency assessment. Doing so can help to identify if a problem is present so it can be addressed before a complete breakdown occurs.

The Air Coming Out of Your HVAC System Feels Too Warm

If it's hot outside and you're trying to cool the inside of your home down for some relief, your HVAC system should be shooting out super cold air until the space reaches the temperature that you set on the thermostat. If your system is not pumping out cold air when you turn your HVAC system on and the air seems only slightly cooler than the temperature you're trying to lower, or the air is actually warm, chances are that the system is on its way to failing altogether. Having an emergency HVAC technician take a look at your system can help rule out any major issues and get the system working properly again so you don't end up with hefty repair bills.

Your HVAC System Turns On and Off More Frequently Than Before

Another sign that your HVAC system needs emergency servicing is when it seems to continually cycle on and off throughout the day and/or night. This could mean that your system is not properly reading the indoor temperatures and is trying to make temperature adjustments when not necessary, or it could be that your system simply cannot keep up with the cooling or warming responsibilities that it is responsible for. Either way, an emergency visit from your HVAC technician should be enough to get the system back in proper working order again.