3 Problems Professional Drain Cleaning Can Solve

When certain drain-related problems become too stubborn to fix on your own, a professional can usually fix your problem for you. Foul odors, slow draining, and clogs deep in the plumbing system can all be fixed with professional drain cleaning.

Nasty Lingering Smells

With the amount of water, waste, and sanitary products that get put down your drains, inevitably some will start to smell. This is usually caused by a buildup of bacteria on the gunk lining your drains and not the gunk itself. The smell can be difficult to get rid of when enough bacteria builds up, and when it has built up deep enough down your drains, that typical cleaning won't work.

Professional cleaning in this case is preferable to drain cleaners, especially if you have older pipes; drain cleaners can damage your pipes, so instead it's best to let a plumber use their tools to clean out the inside of your drains instead.

Slow or Intermittent Draining

Slow and intermittent draining issues can often be caused by a buildup of gunk as well, or they can also be caused by a buildup of sediment. This is especially likely if you have hard water in your area. Professional cleaning can remove much of this gunk and sediment through a process called descaling, and that can get your drains back in good working order.

There's also the possibility that one of your plumbing vents is clogged, and clearing this out can be more difficult since vents are often accessed via your roof. A professional will be more than able to help regardless of what's causing the blockage.

Deep Line Clogs and Blockages

Sometimes clogs can happen much further down in your drain system. For example, if a clump of toilet paper gets stuck in the sewer or septic drain pipe, which is where all of your house's drain pipes converge, it can cause a backup or slowdown throughout your entire building. These types of clogs can be particularly hard to reach and may require a professional's help.

Sometimes the source of the clog is internal, such as a buildup of sediment that makes it easier for sanitary products to get caught, but the cause can sometimes be external as well, such as roots from nearby plants growing through your drain pipe. This type of clog will need to be cleared away and fixed one way or another, and it's especially helpful to discover sources of possible damage before they get too serious. Professional cleaning can both ensure your problem is fixed and that it gets detected before things get worse.