Things You Need To Know To Keep Your Drains Clean

Failing to care for your home's drains can lead to some significant plumbing issues that may be disruptive and difficult to address. For a homeowner that has a good understanding of the type of maintenance, it may be much easier for them to avoid making mistakes that could lead to these problems.

Grease Is Not The Only Residue That Could Gather Inside The Pipes

Grease entering the plumbing system can be an extremely problematic issue for the home as the grease will be able to line the interior of the pipes. This could contribute to it eventually creating clogs that may extend through large sections of the pipe. While grease is a major concern for your drains, it is not the only source of clogs that you will want to avoid. Soap is another common source of these problems as years of excessive soap use could lead to thick residues forming on the interior of the pipes. While grease may be an issue that is a primary concern for the kitchen, soap residue can be a problem for any of the drains.

Drain Strainers Will Not Eliminate The Need For Routine Drain Cleaning Work

The use of drain strainers can help to limit the amount of waste and debris that is entering the drains. However, these strainers will not be a perfect solution to preventing these issues. As a result, you will still need to arrange for your drains to be cleaned at regular intervals even with the use of these devices. This is due to these devices being unable to prevent grease, soap, and other liquids from entering the drains. However, it can still be worth having these strainers in your drains as they can significantly reduce the risk of clogs from larger obstructions entering the drain line.

Clogs May Not Be The Only Problem That Not Cleaning The Drains Can Cause

The formation of clogs can be one of the more serious problems that may occur if you fail to clean your drains, but it is not the only issue that your home may encounter. Dirty drains can develop very foul and unpleasant odors. These odors are a result of decaying organic matter that may be strapped along the lining of the pipe. Some homeowners may use lemon juice or apple cider vinegar to try to mask these odors, but they will always return until the drain line is cleaned. A professional cleaning can be needed to effectively remove these substances so that any odors can be mitigated. 

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