Is It Possible To Tell That You Have A Broken Sewer Line? 3 Signs You Cannot Miss

The home waste management system is essential in determining whether the space is healthy and safe for the occupants. Sadly, some homeowners use the out-of-sight, out-of-mind approach when dealing with hidden fixtures such as sewer lines. You must note that it is crucial to be observant about the state of your crucial sewer lines. What's more, you want to ensure that you do not have a developing problem that could lead to costly repair remedies.

Here are three signs that you need sewer system repairs.

You Can Smell Sewer Gas in the Home

It is easy to ignore some signs of arising sewer issues. However, the smell of sewer gas from your plumbing system should indicate that you have a significant plumbing problem. Often, the gases are prevalent when you have damage in the drain pipe. Also, it is crucial to note that sewer gas is toxic, and keeping it from making its way inside your home is best. Hence, call a sewer line expert to inspect the pipes and repair the leakage. 

Your Drain Movement is Slower than Usual 

You will most likely know what healthy drain movement looks like once you settle into your home. Hence, it is best to call professionals if you observe changes in the speed at which the sink, bathtub, and other water fixtures expel water. Occasionally, the slow movement could result from roots infiltrating the sewer line. Alternatively, you could have a broken sewer line impounded into the ground. Either way, seek the opinion of a plumber to help you determine the issue and ways to restore proper drain movement. More importantly, they will help you resolve the cause of the problem and stop it from recurring.

Signs of Insect and Rodent Infestation

The presence of pests in the home is often a cause for alarm. Rodents love sewer lines and can squeeze into the smallest spaces to make their habitat. Hence, they will break into the sewer pipe, make their home in the stagnant water, and even breed there. So, if you've noticed an influx of rodents running around your home or yard, it is time to call in the pros. After extermination, the plumber will inspect your sewer line for damage and propose repairs. 

These are signs of possible sewer line damage that needs repairs. As always, contact a sewer repair professional once you suspect that you may have a damaged sewer system. They will inspect your lines and propose the best remedy going forward.