4 Warning Signs You Need A Well Pump Service Urgently

Having a water well on your property gives you a few advantages over municipal water supply. You'll enjoy reduced utility costs and have better control over your household's water supply. This is possible thanks to pumps that pull water from the well and redirect it into your home. When a pump malfunctions, it might pose various significant problems. Below are some signs that indicate you need a well pump repair service. 

1. You Have No Water 

If you don't get water from your faucets and toilet, something is amiss with the well pump. You'll need an expert to diagnose the exact cause of the problem. It is likely that the circuit breaker is faulty, cutting off the power supply to the motor or that the pump components are faulty. The pressure tank tasked with pulling water could be dead and needs a quick fix to restore it. The expert will provide a suitable solution to fix the pump and provide enough water. 

2. Low Water Pressure 

Inadequate water pressure from your faucets may indicate that your well pump is faulty. It often signals a faulty impeller that needs to be fixed. Over time, the impeller gets old and may crack into small pieces and break off, leading to inefficiency. Low water pressure may also be due to debris build-up in the system. Therefore, you should ask the experts to diagnose the problem and provide the best course of action to restore your pump. 

3. The Pump Won't Shut Down 

Does it seem like your well pump has constantly been operating without shutting down? The pressure tank could be defective. The suction line might also have punctures that limit the pump's water intake. However, you'll need a professional to prime the suction line and patch up the holes. 

Another common problem could be a faulty pressure control switch. The pump might wear down and fail completely if left unaddressed. Set an appointment with the professionals for a proper diagnosis and repair service. 

4. Dirty Water 

If you did not consult a professional when buying a well pump, it is possible that you got a system that's too large for your well. As a result, the pump might pull everything, including debris, which eventually makes its way into your home as dirty water. Therefore, you might need an adjustment service or a replacement. The pump's filter may also be damaged, therefore letting dirt particles into the pump. So you should avoid using the water and contact the experts immediately for help. 

Have you encountered any of these issues above? There's a chance your well pump is faulty and needs urgent repair. Remember to consult with a reliable plumber to diagnose and fix the faulty parts of your well pump.

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