3 Signs You Might Have Roots Growing In Your Home's Plumbing System

Plant roots can cause serious damage to a residential plumbing system. The larger these roots are allowed to grow, the more damage they will ultimately do. That is why it is important for all homeowners to be able to spot the signs that they have roots growing in their home's plumbing system so that this issue can be addressed by a plumber as quickly as possible. Continue reading to learn more about the three signs you should be watching for in order to detect the growth of tree roots or other plant roots in your residential plumbing system.

#1: One Area Of Your Yard Is Lusher Than The Rest 

When roots begin to grow into your plumbing system, these roots will damage the pipes and allow water to leak out. While this damage is bad for your plumbing system, it can do wonders for the grass and other plant life in your yard. After all, a leaking pipe is just like an irrigation system that is always turned on. If you notice that one area of your yard is especially green and lush, this could be a sign that the pipes located in that area have been damaged by roots. 

#2: Your Drains Are Running Slowly

Perhaps the most common sign of roots infesting your plumbing is slow-moving drains. Unfortunately, with so many different causes for this common plumbing issue, many homeowners will quickly dismiss the problem and attempt to use a plunger or drain cleaner to get their drains moving faster again.

When trying to determine whether or not your slow drains could be the result of plant roots, you will need to ask yourself two questions. First, is this issue widespread? If the issue is contained to just one drain, a blockage in that particular drain is likely to blame for the problem. However, if the issue is more widespread, roots in your main drain pipe could be the problem. Second, have you washed anything you shouldn't down the drain? If you have been putting cooking oil down your kitchen sink or flushing feminine products down your toilet, chances are these bad habits are to blame for your current plumbing issues. However, if you are not aware of a likely cause for your slow drains, you really should have your pipes inspected by a plumber to ensure there are no roots growing inside. 

#3: You Smell Sewage In Or Around Your Home

In addition to allowing water to leak out of your drainage pipes, plant roots will also allow sewage to seep out as well. This can result in some pretty foul odors both in and around your home. If you smell sewage or a rotten egg odor, this could be a sign of pipes that have been damaged by roots. 

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