Six Things You Should Do When You're In Need Of A New Garbage Disposal Installation

Garbage disposals are convenient kitchen appliances to have. You don't want to waste any time before having your garbage disposal replaced if your old one stops working.

There are a few things you should do to prepare when you need a garbage disposal installation. The following are some things you should do when you're in need of a new garbage disposal installation.  

Stop using your garbage disposal.

It can be dangerous to continue using garbage disposal that is malfunctioning. That's why you should completely stop using your garbage disposal once it starts malfunctioning until you have a garbage disposal replacement done. 

Let everyone who you live with know that the garbage disposal isn't working.

If you have others living in your household, you need to make sure that they're aware of the fact that your home's garbage disposal is not working properly. You don't want other members of your household unknowingly turning a broken garbage disposal on and thereby creating a safety hazard. 

Shop around and compare garbage disposal models.

You need to know how to choose the right replacement model for your garbage disposal installation. Two important factors to consider include motor size, grinding chamber size, and grinding chamber material. Consult with your plumber on what garbage disposal model will fit best with your kitchen sink setup. 

Find the right plumber for your garbage disposal installation.

If you don't already have a plumber in mind to handle your garbage disposal installation, you'll need to find one to install your garbage disposal for you. Do your research online and by word-of-mouth to find a local plumber with a lot of good reviews and extensive experience with garbage disposal installations. 

Choose the right time for installation.

You're obviously not going to be able to use your kitchen sink for a while during your garbage disposal installation. This means that it's important to schedule installation for a time when you can stay out of your kitchen and out of the way of your plumber until installation is complete. 

Clear space around and underneath your kitchen sink to prepare for installation.

The better prepared your kitchen is on garbage disposal installation day, the more quickly your installation can be carried out.

It's a good idea to clear off your countertops and remove any supplies from the cabinet beneath your sink. This makes it so that your plumber can get right to work and won't have to deal with any obstructions.