Why Professional Drain Cleaning Is So Important

In a best-case scenario, you would have drains in your home that are always clean and never have issues. However, with everything that gets put down the drains, whether on accident or on purpose, they are highly susceptible to blockages. This is why you will notice so many products claiming to be great at drain cleaning on the shelves of stores. You don't want to grab up those products when you have a clogged drain, though. You'll learn why it's best to call a plumber out and the best way to prevent clogs from happening in the first place. 

Why you don't want to use drain cleaners

It seems so simple, you have a clog and run down to the market for the drain cleaner you saw on sale. However, it's really not that simple, because those drain cleaners can end up doing more bad than good. For one thing, those cleaners are made using harmful chemicals that can easily end up causing significant eye damage, burns, and other injuries. Also, these drain cleaners aren't good for the plumbing system either. They can cause problems with the plumbing that can include cracked or melted pipes, as well as causing the glue that holds pipes together to erode. 

How to keep your drains as clean as possible

One of the best things that you can do to prevent clogs is to keep the wrong things out of the drains as best as you can. Oil and grease are the worst offenders when it comes to creating clogs. When hot oil or grease goes down the drain it is in a liquid form. This can cause you to think that it went through the plumbing without an issue. What you don't see is that it hardens and sticks to the sides of the drain and pipes. Other foods and debris get stuck in it, so you end up with a clog quickly. 

Having your drains cleaned professionally is what's also best when it comes to preventing clogs in the future. When you are having your drains cleaned by a plumber according to their recommended schedule, they should be able to prevent clogs by cleaning out anything that would cause a blockage, before it can do so. The plumbers may even use a camera to look in the system, where they can make sure any problem areas are clear of blockages and other issues.