Tips To Help You Find The Right Water Heater For Your Family

Having a steady supply of hot water in your home makes daily life easier in many ways. Besides allowing you to enjoy the warmth of a hot bath or shower, it ensures you have all the hot water you need for meal preparation, cleaning the house, doing laundry, washing dirty dishes, and performing several other household tasks.

That said, not all water heaters are created equal, so what works well for others might not necessarily work for you. In determining the right water heating system for your home, be guided by the following factors.

The Type Of Water Heater You Need

While there are many variations of water heaters on the residential market these days, they all fall into one of two primary versions — storage and tankless.

Storage-type water heaters use a large tank to store hot water while tankless versions produce hot water when it is needed only — this explains why they are also referred to as on-demand water heaters. The type of water heater that you choose for your home will depend on several factors, including:

  • Your home's hot water demand: Tank-type versions tend to be better suited to large households than their tankless cousins
  • The availability of space in your home: Storage water heaters require adequate space for installing a sizeable water tank
  • Water heater maintenance requirements: Because they have a tank, storage water heaters generally require a higher level of upkeep and care than their tankless counterparts
  • Your personal preference: You may favor one type of water heater over the other purely due to personal reasons

The Size Of Water Heater You Need

Hot water systems come in a variety of sizes to meet the demands of different households. To determine which size water heater is right for your home, calculate your daily household water demand and choose a unit that is slightly bigger than what you need. 

The extra capacity will help you avoid running out of hot water when your hot water demand fluctuates.

How You Will Heat Your Water

Although water heaters use a variety of energy sources to produce hot water, most American homeowners use gas and electricity. You'll want to consider the cost, efficiency, and environmental impact of the various energy sources available in your local area when determining the most appropriate way to heat your water.

Choosing the correct water heater for your family can initially seem like a daunting task, but when you make the above-highlighted considerations, making an informed decision should be a lot easier. If you're still feeling undecided, a water heater specialist can help you choose correctly. Contact a company like Streamline Plumbing AZ to learn more.