Why Hydrojetting Is The Best Option To Fix Slow Drains In Your Home

Slow drains are a major nuisance in the home. Water in the sink and bathtub will stand for quite a while before it finally makes its way down the drain, and slow drains can even cause standing showers to overflow. Slow drains are often harder to deal with than drains that are fully clogged since there's commonly no obstruction to remove. Instead, the pipes drain slowly because there's a lot of limescale and grease buildup on the inside of the pipe. This decreases the diameter of the pipe, making water flow through it more slowly.

Thankfully, you can quickly clear out your drain and open them up again with hydrojetting. To learn more about hydrojetting and why it's the best option to fix slow drains, read on.

What Is Hydrojetting?

A hydrojet is essentially a pressure washer for plumbing pipes. When you have a pipe hydrojetted, the plumber will insert the nozzle of the hydrojet into the pipe and feed it into the pipe until it reaches the end. Afterwards, the plumber will turn the hydrojet machine on to send high-pressure water through the tiny holes in the hydrojet nozzle.

The high-pressure water from the hydrojet will spray the sides of the pipe, cutting through limescale buildup, grease, and other sludge that is stuck on it. The water will pick up all of the debris and carry it further down the pipe, flushing it away.

In addition to removing buildup on the inside of your pipes, hydrojets are powerful enough to slice through tree roots in your sewer line. They can also remove other obstructions in your pipe, like paper towels or other debris that were accidentally flushed down your toilet.

Why Does Hydrojetting Clean Pipes Better Than a Drain Snake?

Drain snakes are very good at clearing clogged drains since they're able to grab the obstruction causing the clog with its hooked end and pull it up out of the drain. However, drain snakes can't do much about the buildup on the sides of your pipes — scraping away limescale and grease that has collected in the pipe using a drain snake would take a very long time.

Hydrojetting is much better at scouring a pipe until it's completely clean since the high-pressure water quickly eats away at any buildup inside the pipe. By starting at the end of the pipe and working backwards, a plumber is able to completely clean out an entire pipe, allowing water to flow smoothly through it again.

If you have a constant problem with slow drains in your home, contact a plumber in your area that performs hydrojetting. Hydrojetting can be done on both drain lines and your main sewer line in order to remove any buildup that may be slowing down the flow of water. Cleaning out your pipes makes water flow through them more quickly, increasing how fast water moves through the drains in your home.

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