5 Benefits Of Low Flow Plumbing

Low flow showerheads, faucets, toilets, and other fixtures use less water than traditional standard flow fixtures. Modern versions work just as well, if not better, than old standard options, too. There are many benefits to making the switch to low flow.

1. Lower Water Bills

One of the main reasons many people make the switch to low flow is to save money on water usage. In many areas, municipal water costs are climbing ever upwards as drought and emptying aquifers result in a higher demand than supply. You may even be fined in some areas for using too much water. Low flow faucets and fixtures can cut usage by as much as half, which can greatly reduce your bills. 

2. Reduced Energy Costs

The more water flowing through the tap, the more energy that must be expended to heat it. Using a low flow tap anywhere that hot water is used, such as the kitchen and bathroom, will reduce the amount of energy usage in the hot water heater. Less water usage also puts less stress on the water heater itself and doesn't tax the capacity of the unit nearly as much. 

3. Less Water Waste

There's a bigger reason than money to lower water consumption in the home and that is the environment. Potable treated water is a renewable resource but in some dry and drought-stricken areas it is also a finite resource. Processing the water to make it safe as well as processing sewage from homes also poses ecological stresses, so it's better all around to strive for lower water usage overall. 

4. Longer Filtration Life

For those that filter their water for safety, flavor, or hard mineral removal, there is a cost involved. The more water that is filtered the more frequently you must replace filters or services filtration and water softening units. Switching to lower flow faucets and fixtures will lower the amount of water passing through these systems. Much like a water heater, less use can lead to a longer working life with fewer maintenance needs. 

5. Less Well Stress

For those on a private well as opposed to municipal water, the savings are a bit different. Low flow fixtures put less stress on well workings, such as the pump assembly, since there will be a lower demand for water. Even more importantly, you will use less well water which can be important in dry seasons when a well doesn't recharge as quickly.

Contact a plumber if you are ready to upgrade to low flow faucets and fixtures. A plumber can provide further information.