Sewer Cleaning Can Clear Out A Clog Or Prevent A Clog From Forming

Your home's sewer line gets a lot of use since all the drains in your home empty into it. Waste from the toilet, soap and hair from your shower, and grease from your kitchen drain all come together in your sewer line and create the potential for clogging.

Plus, since the sewer line is under the ground, tree roots can break through and cause even more problems with clogging. The solution for clearing out a clog and preventing new clogs is sewer cleaning with a hydro jet. Here's how it works.

Hydro Jetting Washes Out The Sewer Line

Hydro jetting is often chosen for sewer cleaning because it uses water under pressure and can wash out the entire pipe. Along with scrubbing the walls of the pipe clean, a hydro jet breaks up clogs and washes all of the debris out of the pipe. The water jet removes all kinds of clogs, whether they are made of grease, tree roots, or paper.

If your pipe is already clogged off, the water jet can bust through the clog so the drain empties quickly again. Since the sides of the pipe are cleaned, there is nothing left to catch bits of paper and other debris, so your pipe should stay free of clogs for a long time as long as you're careful about what you put down the drain.

Hydro Jetting Helps Prevent Clogs

Sewer cleaning can also be done to prevent clogs from forming. You might talk to your plumber about how often you should have your sewer drain cleaned with a hydro jet so you don't have to worry about clogs and sewer backups. If your plumbing is old, you might want to have the sewer drain cleaned just to make sure it isn't coated with grease and scale or filled with tree roots.

You might also want to have your home's sewer line cleaned if you put your house up for sale. It could be a selling point for your home, and since hydro jetting usually includes a video inspection of the drain, you'll know the condition of your plumbing and if repairs will be needed that could affect the sale of your home.

Sometimes a sewer clog is sudden, but other times you have clues your drain needs to be cleaned out. If your drains take a long time to empty, call a local sewer cleaning service for help. If you delay, the drain may stop emptying completely, and worse, sewage might back up in your yard.