Common Hot Water Tank Issues

Imagine getting stuck, smack in the middle of winter with a malfunctioning hot water tank. Such an experience can be traumatizing and frustrating. Unfortunately, sometimes, your hot water tank can be hit by a truckload of problems, and the best way to solve this is to be informed about common hot water tank issues.

The Tank Won't Stay Lit

What if the hot water tank doesn't light up? When this happens, the most probable cause is usually the thermocouple, which determines whether the heater's pilot light is lit. A faulty thermocouple may assume that the pilot light is off and fail to illuminate the water heater.

Check whether the thermocouple appears crooked. If it's twisted from the pilot light, straighten it towards the light. Another issue is a pilot tube with accumulated dirt, which you can solve by getting rid of them using a needle when the tube has cooled down. If none of these remedies work, then it is time for a new hot water tank installation.

The Tank Doesn't Fill Up

Anytime you observe low water pressure or hot water that runs out too fast, then the tank may not be filling up completely. When you turn on your hot water tap, the cold water that enters your tank should displace the hot water and force it out through the taps. If the pressure is unusually low, it means that cold water occupies the empty space rather than sending hot water up.

The Tank Leaks From the Top

If a hot water tank leaks from the bottom, you should first inspect the piping that enters the tank from the top. Considering the tank is pressurized, loose connections within these pipes could cause a leak. The best diagnosis is to wipe the area completely, then have another person turn on the hot water taps upstairs and watch out for water beads in the pipes. If this doesn't work, you may require to install a new water tank.

The Tank Leaks from the Bottom

What about when water leaks from the bottom of the tank? In such a case, there are several explanations, including a leaking drain valve. This valve is responsible for draining the tank in case there is routine maintenance. Also, the leak might result from the water heater's normal condensation, and the solution is to turn up the thermostat a bit. In addition, the leak can come from loose pipe connections, and this is nothing few turns with a wrench can't fix.

These are some of the common signs you should look out for in your hot water tank system. While some of them need the intervention of your regular plumber, some of them can be more serious and may need hot water tank installation services. Contact a hot water tank installation company for more information.