Is It Time For A New Septic Tank?

Each year, septic tanks are getting more and more advanced. They use less power, are more efficient, and take up a smaller space than ever before. If you have had your septic tanks for more than a decade, or they were there when you moved onto the property, then you might want to start thinking about upgrading. How do you know when your septic tanks have had enough and it is time to make the switch? Here are a few reasons that should provide advanced warning that a change of septic tanks is probably for the best.

Soil Absorption Not Working Correctly

Many septic tanks utilize a soil absorption method of disposal of effluent, but this is not a perfect solution, and it is common to have blockages that take a lot of effort to fix. You can get a build-up of slime and impenetrable gunk that blocks all the pipes and backs up your sewerage all the way back to the septic tank. If you have already had this happen once or twice then the future is bleak, as it will most likely keep happening unless you spend thousands on repairs. Instead of preparing an old, broken system, it can often be easier to just upgrade your septic tanks.

Pumps Breaking Down

Older systems have a few problems that continuously show their head, and one of the most common was issues with pumps. After all, the pump may be the most worked part of the whole septic tank, and so it makes sense that it would break down the most. Newer pumps are more road-tested and work in tandem with the rest of the system much better, leaving less chance for malfunctions due to load. If you have gone through a few pumps in your time, then it might be a sign to check out some septic services and see if they can suggest a better alternative to your current pattern. 

A Bigger Load

Perhaps your family has welcomed a few new members to its ranks over the years. You have to remember that most septic tanks are built to handle a certain amount of people and that if you exceed this number, you need to add on a new system or somehow upgrade the old if that is possible. If not, then you will quickly see your septic tank getting overrun and overworked, leading to an even bigger repair and electricity bill.