Common Problems With Your Water Heater And When To Call For Help

When it comes to your water heater, you can expect the heater to last anywhere from 8 to 12 years. There are a number of common problems you might encounter. You might even be able to solve the issue on your own. From a leaking tank that results in the need for a new water heater, to a lack of hot water because there is no fuel supply, you can do some investigating of your hot water tank to determine what is going wrong. It's possible that the thermostat isn't set correctly, or that you don't have any power going to your water heater. If the problem persists beyond anything you can do, you'll need to call water heater repair services.

There Isn't Any Hot Water

The heating element in your hot water tank could be broken if there isn't any hot water. Make sure that someone in the family didn't just take a long hot shower and wasted the entire tank. Check that the circuit breaker for the hot water tank hasn't tripped, as this is one of the more common reasons for a lack of hot water. The pilot light may be out and your hot water heater isn't able to warm up your water.

Water Leaks From Your Tank

Corrosion occurs over time and is a big reason water heaters need to be replaced. If you have water that is rust colored and you have a tank that starts to leak, you will need to get a new hot water heater. When your tank is leaking water from one of the valves, this can be an easy fix when you call water heater repair services.

If You Run Out of Hot Water

In the colder months, you may need to set your thermostat a few degrees higher to have enough hot water in your home. If the thermostat is faulty or there is an electrical problem with your water heater, your water may not heat up all the way. Loose wiring can cause you to run out of hot water, as can having a tank that isn't large enough to provide hot water for the size of your family.

If you find yourself without hot water, water heater repair services are ready to help. Once you determine that your hot water heater has power and you aren't sure what is going on, a call for help will get your hot water heater repaired.